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BMW ConnectedDrive presents a new generation of traffic information
Press Release: From autumn 2011, all new BMW cars can be equipped with an innovative traffic information system to ensure that sheer driving pleasure is compromised as little as possible by tiresome traffic jams and tailbacks. Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) has been developed by BMW ConnectedDrive for BMW navigation systems. It delivers unique dependability and accuracy in the automotive sector when generating, transmitting and applying information on the latest traffic situation in real-time. This data is used for calculating the most efficient route and making any subsequent detour recommendations.

BMW ConnectedDrive customers are able to use RTTI as a premium alternative to the continually available Traffic Message Channel (TMC). The key benefits are as follows: faster and more comprehensive data communication via cellular networks and the SIM which is integrated in the vehicle. In addition to motorways and major roads, the new system also covers country roads and numerous inner-city links.

Local authority traffic computers will also be included in data aggregation, which will allow drivers in many towns and cities to receive information about possible delays on ring roads and connection routes between cities. Coloured road markings on the navigation map displayed in the control display of the iDrive control system indicate the latest traffic flow. The appropriate traffic situation is displayed in four increments from green for free traffic flow, through yellow for slow-moving traffic and orange for stop-and-go, to red for gridlock.

The analysed road network is divided into sections of 500 metres and information is updated every three minutes. This means that very precise data is provided on the length of queues and the resulting delays. The driver is also able to notice changes on the color map display to identify whether the traffic situation has gotten worse or the tailback has already started to disperse.

The detailed data covering a comprehensive and dense road network enables RTTI to provide much more precise and dependable recommendations on alternative routes. For example, if a tailback is reported on a particular motorway section, the navigation system can immediately calculate the resulting delay whenever destination guidance is switched on. However, this is not the only parameter that can be determined. Since the traffic situation on roads away from the motorway is also recorded for the first time, the system provides effective suggestions on the alternative route. Once again, the system substantially reduces the risk of driving into other congestion areas when travelling on the alternative route and losing additional time as a result.
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Cheap car repairs
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